1:1 Mentorship

In Spring 2020, I began combining my decade of education experience with my lifelong work as an artist to support other creatives on their own journey of creativity, self-love, and growth mindset.

First, I launched and led two cohorts through my flagship program, the Creative Self-Love Club, an online group learning community centered on creative self-care.

Later that year, I began coaching artists and creative business owners one-on-one, and in 2021, I created and shared Wild Hearts, a course and coaching program rooted in whole-hearted creative leadership.

Whether you're deepening your creative practice or launching a business or product of your own, I love helping creatives feel into the possibility that exists beyond the boring old starving artist trope.

I would not be where I am without the support of creative business coaches and mentors, and nothing brings me more joy than getting to share what I've learned and support others on their own journey of discovery and delight!

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My coaching practice centers on the belief that you are the greatest expert on you. You are in the driver's seat of your coaching experience, and I am here to ask questions and hold space that centers your knowing and allows you to build joyful momentum toward an objective or creation. With your consent, I may offer processes, prompts, articles, or other tools. Each meeting will end with self-selected and inspired action items for the week.

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What are your sources of stress? What areas of your life deserve a little extra patience right now?

What do you want out of the next 2-3 years? What objectives, qualities, and/or experiences do you want to realize?

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