Five years from now, you’re more accepting and loving to your whole ass self (body and mind) and IT SHOWS. 

It shows in the way you move down the street, in the way you smile at strangers and make friends from thin air.

It shows in the outfits you adorn and in the way you show up for your people, dreams and life. Easeful. Open. Fierce. Warm.

It shows in your ability to say a loving NO to anything and anyone that isn’t for you, and in your ability to say ‘yes’ to your desires — experiences, travel, art and relationships — the things you used to put off for “one day."

Gone are the days of people pleasing (who was that?!) because you now live life on your own terms. You respect yourself wayyyy too much to say ‘yes’ to anything that feels half-assed.

And you know what? That clarity and vitality doesn't stop with you. It extends and gives permission to those around you to do the same.

You lead and love from the inside out.

ready to connect with your future self through art?

"Ashley Trabue is magic. 

I was wanting a piece of art that spoke “powerful, able and strong” just by looking at it. She created custom art for me that totally blew away my expectations. 

I hung it by my bedroom door so I could see it as I walk out everyday. I feel seen, heard and known when I look at that portrait. Every dang time. 


join the project in one of two ways

1. commission a drawing

2. commission a painting




"The entire process with Ashley is empowering & healing. And the final piece is a daily reminder of the work you've done & are still doing.

My painting makes me smile every day. "


"I have several Ashley Trabue pieces in my home and love them all. My favorite is a figure painting based off a self-portrait I took of myself naked. 

It's hard to put into words what it feels like as a person in recovery from an eating disorder to have a custom painted portrait of myself in my home. 

It is an absolute treasure and brings me incredible joy every time I look at it. 

Ashley creates a unique and empowering experience throughout the art-creating and buying process. Anyone who gets the privilege of working with her to create a custom piece is very lucky."

drawing commission

personalized drawing 
pencil or ink on 8x10 inch archival paper,
matted to 11x14

instructions on the next steps of the process (like setting an intention or submitting a fierce & loving reference photo) received immediately upon purchase

painting commission

personalized painting 
acrylic paint on 11x14 inch archival paper

instructions on the next steps of the process (like setting an intention or submitting a fierce & loving reference photo) received immediately upon purchase


"Anyone considering custom/original art work created by Ashley should do it!

Her process is very transparent and she involves her clients every step of the way. She helped me connect to my custom art through journaling prompts and meditative exercises.

I loved working with her so much."

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