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I came across this TikTok the other day that beautifully explored the nuances between holding compassion and care for others as a personal value and flat out people-pleasing, and as someone who has historically struggled with people-pleasing and absolutely values compassion, I knew I wanted to sit with these ideas and explore them more deeply. […]

people pleasing vs. compassion

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open to it all (the light and the dark), acrylic painting on 8×10 inch panel board, 2021, click to shop (I will follow you) into the dark, acrylic painting on 8×10 inch panel board, 2021, sold I painted both these self-portrait-dreamscapes last summer — I’d just taken an online landscape painting course and was averaging […]

self-portrait dreamscapes

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IT IS WITH ZERO CHILL & LOTS OF LOVE THAT I SHARE WITH YOU….   The need to know —  a dozen or so mini abstract paintings drop to the email list (not subscribed?! get your booty on it right here!)! on February 14 at 10 am pst. these works will all be 4×5 inches […]


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“Have you ever wondered if this fear haunting you serves more of a purpose than to be something you wish away?”— Sarah Blondin Whenever a light or alert on my car comes on — I trust it and respond accordingly. I don’t ignore it or make it mean anything about who I am or my […]

meet the painting: anxiety is a love letter from my body

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Shop the original painting here.   ““The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ” — Rumi   I came into this piece midway through my portals series. I came into this piece wanting to explore joy. I selected a palette that intuitively reflected that — compassionate pinks, jovial oranges, passionate reds, and […]

meet the painting: all the joy available in the here and now

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If this painting wrote us a letter, it would sound like this. Dearest ones,  Get your head out of your own ass. Seriously. It’s time to STOP taking things SO seriously. If you must take something seriously, take your play time seriously. Take your self-expansion seriously. Take your time spent playing hookie seriously. Take joy […]

love letter from a painting: Lisa Frank play-date with my inner-child

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the prints you see here are all from my “portals” series. “portals,” is an on-going body of abstract expressionist paintings that explore the modern emotional landscape and forge a path toward greater release, healing, and transformation. Drawing from the divine feminine of our home planet, the colors I use throughout this series are steeped in […]

meet the new prints!

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You know what it’s like to name an emotion — despair, clarity, hope, annoyance — and feel the weight of its resonance? The feeling of YES! That is what I’m feeling.

I feel grateful that you do our laundry, and yet, I also feel annoyed that you dried that blouse. Both/and. See?

the delight of naming what is: my experience of exploring self-love beyond the gender binary

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Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have become some of my favorite days.

On these days, I get to spend a couple hours in the afternoon chatting 1:1 with the my artist coaching clients. The way I feel about these days is the same way I feel about time in the studio. It is just the best shit. It is the best shit because….

hot girl (artist) shit

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I’d been wandering the garden for half an hour before I saw and knew this spot was for me. 

It was the tree’s twisty and intense shadow that drew me in. It called to my own twisty and intense parts.

the window to open possibility.