Love for the Shadows:
A Virtual Galentine-Making Party 

Sunday February 12,
12:00 - 1:15 PM EST

hosted on zoom


Links and replay will be sent to all participants! 

Gather your journal and pens, markers, construction paper, glue sticks, and scissors!

We're getting crafty in community and seeding transformation through the art of radical self-acceptance.

During this workshop you will:

identify and connect with these "unwanted" parts of self 

be given prompts and open-ended time to create galentines for these parts 

be invited to ask questions, share and connect in creative community 

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*A non-exhaustive list of parts that might be "getting in your way" of greater ease, peace of mind, creativity, cashflow, orgasms and fun:

The inner-critic
doubting deb
the monster of Not Enoughness
Procrastinating Tina
 insecure sally
the petty one
a fearful inner-child
 overcompensating cindy
Resentful Rita

Just to name a few.

And here's the thing: these parts don't want to run the show!

They're like any other character in a romcom -- they just want to be seen, heard and loved for the hot mess that they are.


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