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Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have become some of my favorite days.

On these days, I get to spend a couple hours in the afternoon chatting 1:1 with the my artist coaching clients. The way I feel about these days is the same way I feel about time in the studio. It is just the best shit. It is the best shit because….

hot girl (artist) shit

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I’d been wandering the garden for half an hour before I saw and knew this spot was for me. 

It was the tree’s twisty and intense shadow that drew me in. It called to my own twisty and intense parts.

the window to open possibility.

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Because how you do one thing is also how you do many things, collecting artwork can be a way of strengthening your relationship to yourself.

collecting art is a deeply creative and personal journey, and as such, it is guided by matters of the heart. it is informed by gut and spirit response, and trust me, we will get to chat about that soon, but today, we start with the foundations…

three questions to ask when collecting original art