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Why does your savoring matter?

Let's be real: we live in a go-go-go, hustle-harder, do-more, busy kind of world that leaves many of us exhausted and distracted, energetically drained and zapped of our creativity and spirit. 

You know you can't pour from an empty cup, so let savor be your excuse to go a little slower, appreciate a little more deeply, refill your cup more lavishly.

Your savoring is essential because you are essential. 

I wanna know when enrollment reopens!

"It is INCREDIBLE to receive hand-picked art made by you based on my preferences, feelings, colors, thoughts. Then, you added the touch of a handwritten note, which will always be a way to steal my heart.



what you can expect from your time in savor


More spontanous gratitude in your day to day.


A home filled with beautiful, meaningful artworks that remind you of precious experiences and moments from this past year.


Clarity and momentum toward your personal and creative aspirations.



A more patient and loving relationship to yourself and your creativity.

The ability to creatively work with moments of stress and shift back to a more present, neutral state.

Ok! I'm in. Sign me up!


art subscription

welcome to a year of epic and artful receiving

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What you receive with your subscription

Selected from my public and private portfolios with over 100 paintings or made to order, you receive not only original art but a personalized curation service.

original art
hand-picked for you

art for self-care

Before each painting ships, you're invited to a 1:1 call designed to help match you with your perfect painting and support you in your creative goals, self-care and savoring.

1:1 creative self-care coaching sessions

savor sessions

Receive workbooks with journal prompts and guides that support you. Including: powerful intention setting rituals, a workbook on disrupting patterns of stress with self-acceptance, and an interactive guide on building your dream gallery wall at home.

workbooks that support a year of savoring

abundant bonuses

Sounds dreamy. I'm in!

How it works


abundant receiving

sacred anchors

Quarterly art surveys and savor sessions put radical self-connection on your calendar, and make it fun AF!

Enjoy regular care packages of original art hand-picked for you, ready to frame and hang with a personalized note from me!

New paintings hang as sacred anchors in your space, reminding you of your practice and intentions. 

pay in full and receive the option to swap one of your original painting packages for a Take Back Your Body session resulting in a custom India Ink painting of you!

pay in full bonus

find the plan that works for you

+ Personalized curation services

+ Two original paintings

+ Two 1:1 savor sessions to guide you toward your creative goals and email support

+ Access to savor workbooks and bonuses 

+ Option to swap one original painting package for a Take Back Your Body custom painting ticket 

Biannual Plan

best value

break it down

+ Personalized curation services

+ Four original paintings

+ Four 1:1 savor sessions to guide you toward your creative goals and email support

+ Access to savor workbooks and bonuses 

+Option to swap one original painting package for a Take Back Your Body custom painting ticket

Quarterly Plan



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what subscribers are saying...

Ashley Trabue is an internationally collected artist, author of Vertebrae chapbook, creative coach, and founder of Creative Self Love Club. She is passionate about supporting big-hearted humans like yourself to connect more abundantly to self-care, creativity and delight

hey friend!

I'm Ashley, and I am here to make self-care lavish af.

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What are the savor sessions all about?

These creative coaching sessions center you, your creativity, savoring, and goals!

Select from a list of topics and specify what kind of support feels most helpful (brainstorming? listening? goal setting? etc.) and we spend close to an hour centering you and your life's savoring!

Come with questions, and leave with clarity and real time creative homework and joyful accountability.

What if I don't like the painting you selected?

No worries! Let me know, and return your art no questions asked except the questions that help us pick a painting that's a better fit for you :) 

Ok! I'm in. Sign me up!

What kind of topics are offered in savor sessions?

Getting creatively "unstuck;" boundary setting bootcamp; art appreciation 101 (knowing what you like and why), creative goal-setting; more joy now (values work), and more!

Topics are tailored to participants, so join us and let me know what kind of support you need.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! What an amazing gift. And not just because it supports a greater sense of presence :) 

Send us an email at if you have any questions!

What size paintings will I receive?

Savor paintings range from petite (4x6 inches) to midsize (16x20 inches) and a mix of paper, panel and canvas surfaces. 

My favorite part of the program was being surprised and the notes Ashley writes. The program is a fun and low- stress way to collect meaningful art from a good human. I enjoy the art and the thoughtfulness and intention Ashley puts into selecting pieces.

-Karolyn terpstra

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