if you’re a creative who struggles with indecision, doubt, perfectionism or other stalling techniques that keep you spinning your wheels instead of actively creating… you don’t want to miss this 

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inspired action

a six-month cohort for filling the sketchbook, painting the series, recording the podcast, creating the thing...

and doing it in a way that feels as fun and effortless as getting out your box of markers as a kid

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the cohort lasts for six months, but the results you'll get are yours for life


a blueprint for taking action on your creative goals without the need to shame or bully yourself 


a growing body of creative work that positively impacts not only your own life but also the lives of others


freedom from the oppressive idea that there is a right and wrong way of doing things



the ability to ground in your self-trust and intuition amid the twists and turns of the creative process

a framework for receiving feedback and support without discounting your intuition and inner-wisdom

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your time in inspired action will leave you with...


the ability to lovingly evaluate past projects to inform and inspire future work

what you can expect from the program

Leaving your comfort zone is so much easier when you're doing it in good company!

Twice a month, from May to October, we'll gather as a creative community for group coaching calls.

These will alternate between workshop style sessions on topics related to creativity and inspired action, co-creating sessions and "hot seat" style coaching calls where participants take turns receiving personalized feedback, encouragement and support on their goals and projects.

creative community coaching calls

The Creative Self-Love Toolkit is the anti-course. Pick and choose relevant topics and leave the rest.

The toolkit is an ever-growing online library of short lessons, prompts and challenges that help you work toward your goals step by step; partner with your thoughts and emotions to create lasting change; infuse ease and playfulness into your process;  and help you to freely share your work with the world.

creative self-care toolkit

Hold yourself accountable by sharing creative celebrations and updates on your practice, process and goals using our private group messaging thread on Voxer! 

voxer access

weekly creative connection 

Come with a creative problem, leave with a creative solution!

Two 1:1 calls are included as a bonus when you join and pay in full. 

All mastermind members receive access to book additional 1:1 creative coaching sessions as needed through an exclusive booking calendar at $50 a session, a fraction of my standard rate.

expert, personalized 1:1 creative support

1:1 coaching

a buffet-style approach to online learning

where thoughts turn to things

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Dear artist,

You know what it feels like to receive a creative impulse. The warm rush of a new idea. The fresh potential of a creative thing that wants to come through you.

The sketchbook longing to the filled. The poem wanting to be drafted. A series asking to be painted. The melody just waiting for its lyrics. The gallery space that could support other artists. The Instagram reel that could launch your project. 

But before long, indecision, perfectionism, doubt or fear crept in. Should I do this way or that way? Is this idea even any good? What will people think? How should I even begin?!

Instead of riding the wave of inspired action, you found yourself stalling out, and fair enough. We’ve all been there! Tucking away good ideas for “one day when…” 

Here’s the thing: you have a choice. 

You can choose to keep your creative ideas tucked away as just ideas: dreams of what “could have been.” You’ll see others doing similar things and feel a rush of judgment or superiority — “I thought of that first!” “Mine would have been better!”

But that’s the thing about avoiding action: you’ll never know. 

You can’t grow as a creative without actively creating, without sticking with an idea long enough to receive the learning and discoveries it has to share. And this is where inspired action mastermind comes in. 

When you avoid taking inspired action on your ideas, it’s not because you’re bad or undisciplined. It’s because you’re overwhelmed and under-supported. 

This is where inspired action comes in. Inspired action on our creative goals requires skillsets that are rarely taught or modeled in our society. Tools like gentle curiosity; a commitment to playfulness; aggressive self-acceptance; an ability to soothe and regulate your nervous system; and an ability to embrace your need for others.

Inspired action invites you on a journey of venturing past the warm-and-fuzzy fresh ideas and into the thick of the messy middle from which you will emerge better for having experienced it — with art, skills, new creative friends, and experiences that will serve you for decades to come.

Get your ass in before the doors close! The ship sets sail May 16. 

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“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.

And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it."

-Martha Graham

Hi! Ashley (she/they) here.

A lifelong learner who geeks out to neuroscience and personality tests, I'm an Enneagram 4w5, INFP, with a Sag Sun, Aries Rising, with an Aquarius Moon.

I am a multi-media artist and creativity coach and love helping artists move through creative blocks like perfectionism, doubt and visibility fear, so you (and your work!) can take up more space in this world. 

Drawing from a background in Montessori education and creative development, I help you partner with your inner-child, values, intuition, and nervous system to hone your creative practice, voice and vision in ways that prioritize flow over force and ease over hustling.

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