Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Every Day Love

As I’ve explored throughout my work, there can be immense power and peace in taking the time and space to witness and understand our pain and wounding. I know this to be true, and also in recent years, I’ve come to value the inverse of this: the power and peace in taking time to intimately know and experience love. 

Throughout painting this series, love served as my point of focus, as I allowed my body to intuitively respond to the questions: what does it feel like to experience love in my day to day? How do I differentiate it from other states of being that sometimes dress up as love but ultimately come from a place of fear?

No growth or healing happens in isolation. How we love ourselves and others is inextricably linked to the ways in which we are loved by others. To embody this idea of interconnection, I painted this series not piece by piece but together as a whole. I did this by lining up the blank canvases into a grid system and painting them all at once. I watched as layers of colors and patterns spilled over from one canvas to the next.

The sequencing they are in below is the same sequence in which I painted them.