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I came across this TikTok the other day and beautifully explored the nuances between holding compassion and care for others as a personal value and flat out people-pleasing, and as someone who has historically struggled with people-pleasing and absolutely values compassion, I knew I wanted to sit with these ideas and explore them more deeply. […]

people pleasing vs. compassion

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You know what it’s like to name an emotion — despair, clarity, hope, annoyance — and feel the weight of its resonance? The feeling of YES! That is what I’m feeling.

I feel grateful that you do our laundry, and yet, I also feel annoyed that you dried that blouse. Both/and. See?

the delight of naming what is: my experience of exploring self-love beyond the gender binary

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Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have become some of my favorite days.

On these days, I get to spend a couple hours in the afternoon chatting 1:1 with the my artist coaching clients. The way I feel about these days is the same way I feel about time in the studio. It is just the best shit. It is the best shit because….

hot girl (artist) shit

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Because how you do one thing is also how you do many things, collecting artwork can be a way of strengthening your relationship to yourself.

collecting art is a deeply creative and personal journey, and as such, it is guided by matters of the heart. it is informed by gut and spirit response, and trust me, we will get to chat about that soon, but today, we start with the foundations…

three questions to ask when collecting original art